Sunday, November 21, 2010 | By: Dorrie

JS Facebook group

Last month, as most of you know, Elin from Denmark started a JS group at facebook. Within 2 days more then 200 former JS'ers signed up! It was amazing! If you are a former JS'er and want to join (it's by invite only), then send me a message at facebook.

Unfortunately some dropped out because they got bomb-barded with email notifications and didn't realise what it was about. For every entry in the JS group, you received an email. So in those first days, everyone's email account got overloaded. What many didn't realise, you could go to "settings" and remove the notification feature.

Some have come back, some haven't. The hype is off now and no longer are the notifications a problem (I'm too curious so I never turned mine off! lol).

It was great to get in contact with people once again who were once JS favorites and to see who is still running around in this cyber world. Many reconnected, some are lost forever.

I have been trying to keep the member list up-dated, but I do not have the time to check every blog link to see whether it's still good or not. So anyone reading this, please check the list and send me an email or a message via facebook.

I unfortunately didn't get as much response to my new site, Journalspace Revived, as I hoped I would. I would really like to receive some nostalgic entry that anyone would like to share. I would try to put them on a page matching your former layout, if that's possible (screenshots of your old blog would be a big help), otherwise in plain white. It would be so much fun to read some again!

I will also make some more additions myself but the past weeks were just too busy for me (real life, as usual, getting in the way of fun stuff).

Anyone with a blogger or other account can comment here. So tell me what you'd like to have added to the site.

Enough for now.....

Dorrie aka Westy