Sunday, December 12, 2010 | By: Dorrie

JS SecretSanta

 What fun the SecretSanta game was!

Do you remember who YOUR SecretSanta was or who YOU sent a gift to?

My first SecretSanta was Wizardress, and I was SecretSanta to Xanadu. The next year Summerwind was mine and I was SecretSanta to Silvertag. Then JS crashed and at KCL we did it again. Blackbird (non-JS member) was my SecretSanta. Now, who was mine? Oh, dear... I'm getting old! lol

Those gals who organised the whole thing really had a job to do! I remember Ella doing it the one year and Amanda, as well as EvilFury during the KCL stint. Thank you all for all the work you did!

The down side of the organization of the game: some people signed up, got matched with other members, then never sent a gift or even commented on the whole thing.... they just dropped out without a word!

Some members set up special new journals just for SecretSanta. I have one called SecretSanta4JS. There were questionairs to fill out so that the Santa's could get to know their "person" better... making selection gifts easier. I usually sent some typical German Christmas things like a real Nutcracker, smoking elf, and/or CD with German Christmas music.

Anyone else with fond, or not so fond, memories of SecretSanta?



Simon said...

What was more memorable to me than my Secret Santa gifts was what I once got as part of my Journalspace Card appeal (several people included other items as well as the card). In this case it was what Indantatia sent me in 2008; to quote from my diary:

A Christmas card in Chinese, a vibrating disposable cock-ring, 7ml of Stroke 29 ‘Gun Oil’ masturbation cream, and a German good luck pig (Glückschwein). I think she may just win this year’s ‘Let’s see if we can embarrass Simon’ award.

I was also, coincidentally, her Secret Santa that year: I bought her a Seminoles fridge magnet (she is a Gators fan) and a pair of pink fluffy bunny slippers.

Anonymous said...

Only one year did I participate and I loved it. I was pregnant and running behind with everything. Included in that I was moving to another home. Fakebrunette was my secret santa and I had you, Westy. Fakebrunette sent me a gorgeous beaded bracelette she had made and I wear often.

Dorrie said...

Wildstorm/Summerwind... I have the framed picture you sent me hanging in my bedroom. ;-)

Simon, I'm willing to add your card collection to the JS-Revived pages... or put them in your blog and I'll link to it!

Ella, Amanda, and Evil all tried to match people with similar interess or who were on the particular fav lists, making it easier for people to find fitting gifts. I must say they did a fantastic job of it!

NC Cutie's Corner said...

I never got to do Secret Santa but I can remember reading about all the fun everyone was having.Merry Christmas Everyone!

Distilled said...

I also remember reading all about it - however I figured because I was in the UK and everyone else seemed to be in the US it would probably be a bit complicated to get the whole thing sorted! So I just sent Christmas cheer(ish) through the interwebs.

Dorrie said...

Distilled, Wizardress is from Holland, and we had a number of UK'ers participating. But yes, there were a few BIG distances for most to cover. But it was still loads of fun! Pity we don't have a place to do something like that again.... blogspot and facebook just aren't the same *sigh*

Anonymous said...

hello westy, i found your site by accident. i'm a former journalspace blogger who moved to wordpress when it shut down. i still miss the folks i met there. but such is life.

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